Our Services

Everyone says it — “People are a company’s most valuable asset”. Few actually live it. ThorSight helps you create a great workforce. We help you recruit, develop and retain good people. We help your leaders become better leaders. We design and deliver policies and procedures that help everyone be more productive and stay safe.


1. Recruiting

ThorSight puts science and process behind the art of hiring the right people. We call it ‘short listing’. Our clients call it a time saver. We manage the more repetitive and task-driven aspects of recruiting while clients retain full control over the final hiring decision and building that great workforce. There are two levels of short listing offered by ThorSight:


 High Volume : Some positions you post will generate dozens, if not hundreds, of responses. Then there are the posts that seem to be open forever. What if someone did all of the posting, assessing, resume screening and interviewing and just handed you the top candidates? That’s what ThorSight does. That’s ‘short listing’. Our services include;

• Writing the job ad

• Posting the job ad

• • on all major boards including LinkedIn, Monster, Workopolis, Craigslist, Indeed and SimplyHired

• Assessing the candidates

• • for job and culture fit

• • using a reliable, valid on-line tool

• Reviewing resumes

• Screening

• • phone

• • face-to-face

• Presenting the top candidates

• Reference/Background checks


• Executive Search : At ThorSight, we approach Executive Search in a completely different manner than most. We believe the cost of a search should be based on the amount of work actually required to produce top candidates. It should not be tied to the annual salary of the successful candidate. That is how we do it. Like any ‘head hunter’ you will receive the following. You will just pay a more reasoned amount for it.

• Client analysis

• Market analysis

• Search strategy

• Candidate identification

• Candidate qualification

• Candidate interview

• Short list presentation

• Offer, referencing and negotiations


2. Development

Once you have made that good hire, your new employee will need some development. ThorSight provides custom-built programs that meet your needs. Our highly-rated experienced professionals design and deliver effective, applicable solutions. Our services include;

• Orientation

• Interpersonal Skill Building

• Safety and Regulatory Training

• Leadership Development

• Coaching

• E-learning through Apps


3. Retention

You have hired your employees and you have trained them. They represent a large investment and you would like to keep them. ThorSight will help with the strategies to do just that. We’ll help with;

• Performance management process

• Succession planning

• Compensation review, research and planning

• Benefits review, research and planning

• Recognition programs


4. Transition

Not all employees work out for the long term. When it is time to part ways, ThorSight will help with;

• Appropriate documentation

• Severance calculations

• Communication support

• Coaching through the termination meeting

• Outplacement support



This service usually starts with an audit. Allow one of our consultants to walk through your workplace, review your current policies and procedures and talk to some of your people. Afterwards we will provide you with a prioritized list of actions necessary to make sure your workplace is safe and in compliance. ThorSight can help;

• Create your employee handbook

• Write relevant policies and procedures

• Create a safety committee

• Post required signage

• Train your managers and employees


6. Interim Support

There are ebbs and flows to the work of an HR team. If you are currently in one of those “flows” and could really use another pair of HR hands, ThorSight can help. We can place experienced professionals on your team for as long as you need them. Why add permanent headcount to your team when we can step in and help immediately for as long as you want?