Our People

ThorSight consultants have experience…a lot of experience. Most have been working for over 20 years in a variety of roles across a broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Our success comes from combining that experience and knowledge with yours in a cooperative, focused and friendly relationship.

• After 25 years spent on both sides of the corporate and consulting table Brad thought there must be a better way. Wouldn’t it be better if both sides considered this a partnership instead of a vendor / client relationship? What if both sides of the table defined success as success for the business? That was Brad’s vision when he founded ThorSight Solutions in 2008. That is what exists today. Clients looking for a trusted partner will find that in ThorSight Solutions.

Your first contact with ThorSight will be with Brad. He looks forward to your call.

• Lori is a professional problem solver. Although many ThorSight clients request Lori specifically for her great facilitation and coaching skills it is her problem-solving skills that are the foundation. Whether it is the design of a learning session or the partnership in a coaching relationship, Lori will quickly ask the right questions, get to the heart of the issue and guide everyone in the room (group or individual) to work towards solutions. If you want practical experienced support to work with individuals or teams in your organization Lori is a great choice.

• Researching and recruiting isn’t just part of what Nancy does or just one of her responsibilities. It is all that she does. She has been doing it for a long time and she does it well. When clients are looking to fill that new or vacant senior role they like working with Nancy. She takes the time up front to understand what it will take for a candidate to be successful in your organization…in your culture. Of course, Nancy will research your industry to find talent but she will also suggest and investigate other unique areas and industries that will produce compelling candidates for your consideration. Nancy will uncover that perfect fit you have been looking for.

• Karen is a one-person HR Department. She has stepped into ThorSight clients and become their entire HR team for periods of time while they consider hiring full-time HR staff. She has filled in for HR team members on leave and has also been a valuable extra pair of hands on projects and implementations. Karen gets up-to-speed quickly and adds value immediately. If you ever dreamed of just putting all those HR issues in a basket and handing them to someone…Karen is the person to hand them to.

• Marni has a unique set of skills for a unique set of issues. Marni has made a career out of improving work environments for employees, managers, leadership and owners. That could mean that Marni is working with a company to help them understand issues around diversity. It could mean she is describing to managers what it is like to work with people coming from different generations. It could mean she is helping everyone to understand the importance and value of creating a safe threat-free workplace so people can perform at their best. In addition, if you have an employee who “just doesn’t get it” Marni is the one you want doing the coaching. Your workplace will be better for having Marni involved in it.

• Is there a doctor in the house? Well, there is at ThorSight and his name is Sandro. Sandro earned his PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and for the last 20 years has been working with, coaching and advising some of the most senior business leaders in the GTA and across Canada. Sandro works with individual leaders and entire senior teams. His role is to understand the business, understand the people and help both to be successful. Sandro is also our assessment expert. Often his work will begin with one or more assessments administered to the leadership group. To be successful those leaders must understand each other and understand how to work productively together. If you arm Sandro with those assessment results and take advantage of his coaching skills you will like the results.

• There are two compelling reasons why you will look forward to having Wendy walk through your door. First, if you are experiencing or planning for change, Wendy will help you navigate what could be a treacherous process. She will help you through the planning, the scoping, the communicating, the training and the measuring. In short, she will help your change be successful. You will also welcome Wendy into your business if you would like someone to measure your “people” risks. Wendy will calmly and expertly survey your office. She will talk with your people and review your processes. In the end, Wendy will help you understand how your HR processes might be improved and how your policies and procedures might be changed to keep you in compliance. If part of your business plan involves mitigating risks, a visit from Wendy is a very good first step.

• Amy is the newest addition to the ThorSight team. She recently earned her CHRP designation and is helping ThorSight on recruiting projects. If you recruit through ThorSight you will very likely be in contact with Amy. In addition, all of us are taking advantage Amy’s great organization skills and her ability to put order into our busy worlds.